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1:1 Client Coaching

I provide 1:1 client health coaching for you if you are a  motivated and determined woman with hypothyroid and/or gut health related challenges.  You have decided you are DONE pretending that the conventional medical model is going to bring you healing!  No more covering up the symptoms with medications or surgery, only to have symptoms never leave or return eventually.  You are ready to take your health into your own hands (with my help, of course) and insist on ANSWERS by discovering the root cause(s) of your nagging symptoms along with making the appropriate lifestyle changes.  You are all about getting back to feeling your best and enjoying life!


You will receive a 4 month package in which we work closely together to identify those hidden stressors that are causing the imbalance and disease symptoms. By utilizing detailed questionnaires and specific-for-you functional lab work, we put together a unique and customized protocol to get your body and mind happy again!

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