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Hi! Thank you so much for coming to learn more about me and my mission. My goal is to share my knowledge and education to help you become a healthier version of you.

My name is Sarah Rule – I’m a busy wife, mom, CEO of my business and I’m often on the run – aren’t we all these days?!  As you will find out, I’m really a “health nut” – I love all things health and wellness.  I love learning about it and practicing it, and teaching it and always love to implement tips and ways to enhance my own and other people’s physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being.  Let’s face it – sometimes it’s just not that simple (at least not in my crazy world)!

I made a big career change about 9 years ago to become an RN because I felt called to

help people get better, but after seeing countless people in the hospital day after day with chronic conditions that weren’t getting better and popping pills right and left, I became determined to help people avoid ever getting there. 

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During this time, I began to experience my own symptoms that seemed to have no resolution via conventional medical interventions. As I began digging deeper, I found out that my thyroid was low and was possible contributing to me having trouble conceiving. I had gained a bit of weight, my skin was dry, my hair was thin, and generally, I was not feeling my best.

But honestly… I was not getting answers as to WHY all these issues were going on! In fact, multiple doctors told me things like “well, you ARE getting ollllderrrr!” and “Maybe you could try an anti-depressant?” 

Mmmmm, not the answer I was looking for.

I'm cutting out a lot of boring details, but let's just say, I searched high and low to find someone who could help me get to the bottom of my problems.  I never found that person.  So….I began the journey of being my own health and wellness advocate and I now call myself the “rogue” nurse. 😆 I really had to educate myself if I was going to get anywhere.

During this educational process, I found functional nutrition, which takes the whole body into account and dives deep into a person’s health to figure out the root cause of symptoms. Because of this, I have made many changes in my own life (and I thought I was living a healthy lifestyle BEFORE!), to nourish my body and set myself up for health success. I was able to resolve most of these symptoms and get my thyroid happy again!

After going through this program myself, I knew I had found my true calling☺️

I became certified as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P) and I help determined women with hypothyroid challenges regain energy, ideal weight and mental clarity, (and so much more!) so they can feel empowered to get off the hamster wheel of the conventional “sick care” system and instead, reignite confidence in their bodies to get back to living their lives!

Symptoms begin to go away on their own as we work to discover the real cause of what is burdening your body and put together a clear protocol to optimize the body as a whole and get to the root cause of those symptoms. 

It is an honor to be able to guide and help others feel amazing in their bodies again…just like I did for myself. 

In health,






I received my Bachelors of Nursing from Samuel Merritt University and am a Registered Nurse in the state of California.  


Following nursing school, I completed my certification as a Health Coach through the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition program (FDN), where I learned to help people on a deeper level by receiving training on functional labs as well has how to evaluate what hidden stressors might be impacting them and preventing their body from healing.  


Following my initial FDN certification, I completed advanced Thyroid Function training to become more knowledgeable to help those struggling with thyroid symptoms.  


Currently, I am furthering my education with advanced training on Stress and Hormones to be even more proficient in HPA Axis dysfunction and hormone metabolites.  

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