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Package 1

Package 1 is the most comprehensive and ideal package. This package will get us the best picture of what is going on with your overall health.  We will run 5 functional lab tests* which address the following areas:

1.     Metabolic profile: gives us a look into protein digestion, oxidative stress, and                  liver health

2.     Adrenal stress profile: gives us an idea of your circadian rhythm, the health of your           adrenal glands, as well as other hormones such as progesterone,estriol, estradiol,             testosterone, and DHEA 

3.     Intestinal permeability: helps us to understand the integrity of the intestinal lining and         whether there is intestinal permeability or "leaky gut"

4.     GI pathogen screen: this test helps determine the presence of ova and 

        parasites, bacteria, fungi, and occult blood, as well as Helicobacter pylori.  

5.     Food sensitivity testing: gives us an insight as to what foods may be causing you               problems due to an inflammatory response when you consume them.  

  • Package includes the following:


    • (1) 1 hour Discovery Session 

    • (1) 1.5 hour Results and Recommendations Session 

    • (6) 30 minute Progress Sessions for questions and updates

    • Comprehensive 90 day protocol addressing D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success pillars

*Please note that all lab fees are paid directly to the labs.  These fees are separate from fees paid directly to Rule Your Health. 

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